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Basic obedience


Teaches - Heel, automatic sit, down, stay, come, release command. Includes all problem solving such as housebreaking, nipping, jumping, crating and chewing. The course last 4 weeks at 2 lessons per week. Each lesson is 1 hour and the cost is $500.00

Advanced obedience


Teaches above commands but includes to place and hand signals are used as primary method of teaching. Includes all problem solving. This course last  six weeks with 2 lessons per week. The cost is $650.00

Two week program.


Teaches either basic or advanced obedience training but is taught with a 5 day work week. Includes all problem solving.  And last 2 weeks. The cost is Basic $600.00 - Advanced 800.00

Puppy pre-school


This course gives your puppy a head start with puppy issues. We go over house breaking, nipping, jumping, chewing, crate training, we go over grooming and nutrition. This class is 2 lessons only and the cost is $175.00

Group clesses.


 Teaches basic or advanced obedience but is taught in a group setting. Information is sent home to keep logs on home training and will be discussed at each lesson. Must have proof of full vaccinations at the sign in of first . The course last 6 weeks and each lesson is one hour. The cost is $75.00 for puppies and $125.00 for adults. This class get you unlimited returns.