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Dog Training-
Basic obedience- consists of 4 week program including commands of, Heel, automatic sit, down, stay, come, stand and your release command. This course lasts 4 weeks, which is 8 lessons at 2 times week. The cost is $500.00. Each additional dog 50% off.

Advanced obedience- Includes above commands and uses hand signals as primary method of training, and includes designated area command. This course lasts 6 weeks and includes your basic Obedience, so it is 12 lessons at 2 times per week. The cost is $700.00.

Two week program- This course is for busy families and is taught with a 5-day work week so it's 5 days of training in a row, then 2 days off for me, and then another 5-day work week. Your dog continues until he or she graduates with the set price for training. I am a personal trainer so your opinion matters. This course lasts 2 weeks, so it's 10 lessons with a 5-day work week. The cost is $600.00 for basic and $800.00 for advanced.

Puppy pre-school- Teaches Housebreaking, nipping, barking, jumping, chewing, separation anxiety, staying off the furniture and we talk about nutrition. This course is two sessions. The cost is $150.00

Group classes- Same commands as above, but is taught in a group setting. I teach without treats. I use praise training to get a great Response. We have a treat after the class. But my experience has proven that they want to please you without needing to have a treat. This course lasts 6 weeks and the cost is $75.00 for puppies under 6 months, and $125.00 for adults.

Pet Sitting- I take care of your pampered pooch just as you do. When I set up an appointment, I like to meet with you and your dogs at least 2 or 3 times so everybody is comfortable. I stay in your home and keep up your normal routines. I have great references, and as always, I take pride in taking care of your dog. Price is $50.00 per day plus $10.00 each additional dog.

*Note- Changes, I need to ask that due to my pet sitting clients who enjoy my service it has happened that I am not cancelled from one job until the time of the job. I  in fact loose that money that this business counts on once booked. I also have other client who would like the same time so I end up loosing both jobs which isn't fair to me or the waiting client. I ask that you please cancel your appointment with me as soon as you know you can not keep the booking. I ask a 25% payment if not cancelled 1 week before your trip, so I  can hopefully rebook this time. Thank you for your understanding . 

Dog walking- 30 minute walk plus feeding and a little play time. Cost is $25.00.

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