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Joey and Stacey said:   September 7, 2013 6:07 am PST
Hi Kim & Hannah! I found some items for my wish list, even though Mom said I am super spoiled already and I don't need another toy! BOL! The store looks great, we love all of the new selections. Oh and we think this is a wonderful idea!!! Love ya! Joey (Joecool) #337 Jolly Tug Ball #356 Kong Quest Bone #401 Skinneez Barnyard Duck Series - Mallard Duck #195 Booda Roopers Rabbit #371 Dawgee Holiday Stuffies Panda

Anna Nicole & The Bama Dawgy's said:   September 6, 2013 7:54 am PST
I love you Hannah and kim!!!!your nubby sister anna nicole

Maxwell Christopher Nopoleon Creme said:   August 19, 2013 5:46 pm PST
Hey Hannah! I was wondering when we could do a playdate. It would be great if we could have breakfast like you said. You haven't barked back so i saw that the front page said "You may also contact me through email on the guest book page." so here i am. Please contact back to the email I put above, thanks!

NESTLE & MICKEY said:   August 10, 2013 11:00 am PST
We want ALL the treats and toys in your store. Mom says we can't have them all but we'll keep trying!

julie mcksymick said:   August 2, 2013 10:29 am PST
We would like you to pet sit for us on Sept. 2,3,4, and 5. Also 9/19 and 20th(you may be booked for these last two dates). Please let us know. Ying,Bailey,Mariah + Sasha, Mark and Julie. Thanks!

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